4 Key Considerations for Volusia County Guardianship

In Florida, when a loved one requires extra assistance to care for themselves, the courts can appoint a person to legally become their guardian. A Volusia County guardianship will allow you to assist your loved one in 4 ways: 1.

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Learn How a Lady Bird Deed Applies to Estate Planning

In Florida, the practice of using “lady bird deeds” to transfer property following a death has become increasingly popular. The term got its name from former president Lyndon B. Johnson, who used a deed to leave property to his wife,

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The Pros and Cons of a Lady Bird Deed

If you’re looking for a way to transfer property ownership without going through the probate process, a lady bird deed may be the right solution. This type of deed gives the owner continued control over the property until their death,

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The Difference Between A Living Will and DNR

Q: Is there a difference between a “living will” and a “do not resuscitate” order? A: Many people wonder about the difference between a living will and a do not resuscitate order (DNR). While they both address end-of-life wishes, they

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How Revocable Trusts Can Help You Ease the Probate Process

The average person usually doesn’t know much about how their assets are distributed at the end of their life. How is the will handled? What does probate even mean? How can a revocable trust help you in the probate process?

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Avoid Florida Probate with a Revocable Living Trust

If you’ve ever experienced the passing of a loved one, you’re likely to be familiar with probate. Probate can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but there are methods to help avoid it altogether. If you’re looking to create an

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Formal vs. Summary Administration: Florida Probate Explained

Formal administration and summary administration are two forms of probate used when a deceased person’s assets do not have a “payable on death” provision, joint owner, or beneficiary designation. Summary administration is only available when the total value of the

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What is Considered a Valid Will in Florida?

What is a Valid Will in Florida? A will is a document that determines who receives a person’s property when they pass away. Florida law requires that a will must be signed by the testator (the person writing the will)

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Will Your Property and Assets Go Through Probate?

What Property and Assets Go Through Probate in Florida? Any asset owned by someone who has passed away is subject to probate in Florida. The exception to this rule is property that had a named beneficiary or rights of survivorship.

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Probate or Estate Administration

Probate, also called “estate administration,” is a court process that transfers assets owned by a deceased person to the beneficiaries named in their Will. In probate, the person who died is referred to as the “decedent.” Anything that the decedent

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